Peace, Love & Happiness, Baby!

The Seated Ball Kama Sutra Position

Definitely rocking a Bob Marley /  Sonny and Cher kind of vibe with this one. I can’t decide if this position would be challenging or cozy and snugly – regardless they are a very hip couple!

I love drawing people because it takes me back to when I was a little girl playing dress-up. I get to create different characters and as I draw I make up little stories. Then when I colour, I choose my palette by the personality I think they each have.

Like with these two, I pictured him as a “cool dude”, fashionable, but decidedly manly. And as for her, I saw her as “hot and bothered” and because of the unusual position I figured she’s probably open to colors that are a little out of the ordinary and so chose the purply yellow combo for her blouse.

I love art for that very reason. With it you can make up stories, changing them up like changing clothes on a paper doll. And the best part about it is that each person comes up with their own unique tale!

Happy Colouring!


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