3 Things That I Love About Colouring and Coloring Books…

When I was little, like most kids I used to love to colour in colouring books – a hobby many parents are thankful for, especially when out for dinner! So, on a night I was lying in bed, as an adult, not sleeping, and the idea to create colouring books for adults zapped into my head like a lightning strike of paparazzi flashbulbs, I thought back to my childhood and what it was that I used to love about colouring books and why cartoons and waxy brightly coloured Crayolas were the best things ever!

And this is what I came up with….

  1. I didn’t have to be Da Vinci to make a great piece of art. When I was given a colouring book or a cool colouring page, the intimidating part of the creative process, the drawing part, was swept aside and I got to focus on the fun stuff, coloring! And sure enough focusing on just the colouring I couldn’t lose. That baby was a keeper and going on the refrigerator, front and centre – Woohoo!
  2. I loved the funny characters and the silly stories that the pictures told. Stories that made me laugh. I got to see that living life makes everyone blush every now and then. And more than that I saw that sharing a giggle and not taking it all so seriously lightens the mood and makes life a hell of a lot more fun.
  3. I learned that a great time doesn’t have to be complicated! A colouring book, some crayons, yummy food and drink with the people you love and you’ve got yourself a party!

So, in the morning when I woke up rather bleary eyed, and sat down to create my first Chubby Art Cartoon Colouring Book (get one here), these three concepts, like a yogic mantra, kept repeating over and over in my brain.

Make it easy. Make it fun. Keep it simple and you’ve won!

Execrable poetry, I know! (that’s why I’m an artist, not a poet!) But I’ve stuck to that mantra for each of my Chubby Art Cartoon Colouring Books and judging by the smiles I see on people’s faces and the laughter I hear in their voices and in their comments when they post, I am spreading giggles and downright hilarity out to the world making it a happier place. And truly, for me, I believe what better success is there than that?!?

I am making it easier. I am making it fun. I am keeping it simple and yes, I have won! You can have fun also. Get your drawing to start colouring (coloring) now.

So do you think I am crazy or cool? Read more . . .

Happy Colouring!


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