You’re Either Born an Artist or You’re Not…. What?!?

Whenever I hear this tidbit of ignorant drivel, I am driven to thoughts of swimming laps in fruity alcoholic beverages, and waking up to find myself wearing a sombrero strapped to the saddle of the village ass!

Why you ask?  Well, let me ask you a question…

Whatever your profession, were you born to do it?

Were you born to be a doctor, a plumber, an architect, or a computer scientist? No, absolutely not! You studied, you learned, you practiced and eventually after years of dedicating yourself to your calling you succeeded and became the doctor, the plumber, the architect or the computer scientist.


Well, I was not artistic as a little girl. I preferred playing soccer and T-ball to drawing and painting. In fact after my grade 8 art class in which my teacher not so subtly wrote in my report card that in future perhaps I should entertain other pursuits, I never took another art class for the rest of my high school career.

Yes, I was told that I was not born to be an artist, accept it, they said, that’s just not who you are.

Lucky for me I had a wonderful Home Economics teacher who didn’t believe this kind of crapolla!  Dedicated woman that she was, she guided and mentored me in sewing and pattern making and allowed me to experiment doing my best at creating my own clothing designs.

Nothing had changed. I still wasn’t “Artistic”, but with my new found talents in home economics, when I graduated high school, undaunted, I applied and was accepted into the Fashion Design Program of Parsons School of Design, ironically, one of the most prestigious Art Schools in all of North America.

Four years later and I, the girl that was told that she was not born an artist, graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts now a master of color theory, design, tailoring, pattern making, drawing, painting, and sculpting. Who would have guessed!

The moral of my story…

Nobody is born an Olympic athlete, a 5 star Michelin Chef, or an award winning interior designer. Yes, some of us have natural gifts, gifts that can be developed or squandered, but regardless, we can become whoever we want to be IF WE CHOOSE TO.

Dream it, study it, practice it, become it. Artist included!

Happy Colouring!


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