9 Great Reasons to have Great Sex from a Colourists Perspective

We are hard-wired for sex, or so the experts tell us, but why do we do it and why is it so great for us to keep doing it?

Here are 9 great reasons to have Sex from a Colourists perspective:

  1. Sex is an amazing mood booster and does wonders for relieving depression. Maybe even works better than colouring?  Wow, that’s a toughie!
  2. You feel powerful when you have sex, like you could conquer the world. Almost like when I finish a fabbie colouring page!
  3. And likewise you get to feel the power of your partner – nothing like occasionally being conquered! Kind of like pitting yourself against a really intricate mandala!
  4. Then there’s the obvious, Love. Giving and receiving it is life altering. Like when you are given the gift of a new colouring book, you colour a page and then you give the finished product as a gift!
  5. Affection – snuggling your way to happiness! Nothing better than wrapping up in your snuggie on the couch with your hot cuppa tea, your pet and your colouring!
  6. Curiosity and exploration of our bodies and our partner’s body. What happens when I touch here….. ooooo! Or what happens when I blend there….. eeeeee!!!
  7. Fantastic source of exercise. I’ve heard that colouring keeps your fingers nimble!
  8. Spiritually transcendental. Have definitely experienced this with my gel pens!
  9. And last but not least, Sex is FUN! Yes! I think we could say the same for colouring!

So all that being said….

Go out and get some, it’s Doctor recommended!!!

And while you’re at it grab a new colouring book too!



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